Earn Diamond by providing liquidity on Defibox
You do not own the minimum LP Tokens required for the pool ().  Please get more LP.
Get LP
Greetings, Treasure Hunter!
The Diamond Yield Farms will grant you rewards for providing Defibox Liquidity for the available pools and their mining pairs.
Each mining pool has four halvings, where the rewards are halved, every 2 weeks.
The quickest treasure hunters are rewarded with the most Diamonds.
You won't get any rewards if the LP Tokens leave your account.
So hurry up, what are you waiting for ?
The Golden HUB, DOP and DMD each give you +10% APR on top of what you earn. You only need to hold them in your account to get the bonus when providing liquidity for the specific pool (i.e Golden HUB gives a bonus for the HUB/EOS pool, and so on. The Golden DMD will also give you rewards for the DMD vault as well as the DMD/EOS pool).
Greetings Treasure Hunter!
Please consider donating 2-3 EOS to our Pomelo Grant, we have open-sourced the Diamond Yield Farming code and would appreciate your help.
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